Israel justifies itself after the broadcast of a video showing soldiers rejoicing in their shooting at a Palestinian

The Israeli army has confirmed the authenticity of this video while assuring that it was dated December 2017. It shows a Palestinian collapse near the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Several Israeli ministers reacted Tuesday (April 10th) to the broadcast of a video showing soldiers shooting at an unarmed Palestinian man in the Gaza Strip and loudly rejoicing at his having reached it.
The video was released Monday night by 10, a private Israeli television channel, which did not say how it was obtained, before being widely used on social networks and in the Israeli media short-term loans.

The images first appear to show a motionless Palestinian near the fence marking the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip. The latter, which does not seem to represent an immediate threat, is then hit by gunfire from a position occupied by soldiers on Israeli territory. At the moment the Palestinian collapses, cries of joy apparently pushed by Israeli soldiers are heard: “What video, son of a bitch, what a video, of course, I filmed! ”

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A video of December 2017, according to the army
After announcing the opening of a “thorough investigation”, the Israeli army confirmed Tuesday the authenticity of this video while ensuring that it was dated December 2017. “After trying to disperse the rioters (…) a bullet was fired at one of the Palestinians suspected of being the leader of the rioters. He was shot in the leg, ” said the IDF in a statement. It was impossible to know if the affected Palestinian was killed.

“The sniper should receive a medal and the one who filmed being demoted,” Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Tuesday. “We do too much with this video. It is not a question of shooting anyone, but of a terrorist approaching the barrier in a zone that is not accessible and coming from a region controlled by Hamas terrorists. ” “said Minister of Homeland Security Gilad Erdan.

Naftali Bennett, Minister of Education and leader of the Jewish Nationalist religious nationalist party, also defended the actions of Israeli troops:

“To judge the soldiers because they did not express themselves elegantly while they are defending our borders is not serious. I support all the soldiers. ”
“The issue of snipers is not new”
“For ages, no one has been listening to us or believing us unless we present a document of Israeli origin,” regretted Palestinian leader Hanane Achraoui, a member of the executive committee of the Liberation Organization. of Palestine (PLO). “The issue of snipers is not new and it is time for the world to believe what we keep saying” about Israeli repression, she added.

The spread of these images comes as the Israeli army is in the midst of gunfire polemics after 31 Palestinians were killed by soldiers during recent protests on the Gaza Strip border.

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Human rights organizations denounce the disproportionate use of force. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the European Union called for an “independent inquiry” into Israel’s use of live ammunition; a claim rejected by the Jewish State.

The Israeli military says gunmen deployed along Gaza border have the right to shoot protesters only if they are armed, threaten the lives of soldiers, try to infiltrate Israeli territory or sabotage the security fence.

On Thursday, the Israeli NGO B’Tselem launched a campaign calling on Israeli soldiers not to open fire on unarmed Palestinians.

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